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Component failure from improper greasing is a major cause of equipment downtime and maintenance costs in today’s competitive environment.  An Automatic Lubrication System will put the right lubricant in the right amount at the right time to the right pin and bushing of your equipment.  Not only keeping the pin lubricated while in use but as well flushing out contamination.

This category of equipment can be either installed with a Progressive Quicklub or Single Line Centro-Matic System.

Typically, municipalities and construction will utilize the Progressive Quicklub System where as Heavy Mining Equipment will utilize the Centro-Matic System.

The LINCOLN Centro-Matic System has a central pump which automatically delivers lubricant through a single supply line to an individual injector per lubrication point which can be accurately adjusted to delivery the precise amount of grease required.  Pumps are Pneumatic, Hydraulic or Electrically operated with reservoir sizes of 1L to 208L drums.

The LINCOLN Quicklub progressive system uses an electric pump (12/24V, 1L, 2L, 4L, 8L) and progressive metering valves.  More than a drilled manifold the SSV metering valve incorporates a series of metering pistons which accurately dispense lubricant from each outlet.  Visual monitoring is provided with an indicator pin which confirms a valve has completed a full cycle.