Precleaners are belt cleaners that are designed to scrape material off the conveyor belt. Precleaners are mounted to the head pulley, below the material flow. They are ideal for removing large pieces of material – typically about 60-70 percent of initial carryback. Flexco precleaners are available in a variety of widths and blade types that can tackle even the toughest materials.

Flexco Precleaner Installed on a Belt
Matching the Blade width to the Material Path is an Important Step to ensure Proper Blade Wear and Optimize Cleaner Performance

Secondary Cleaners

Secondary cleaners are located just past where the belt leaves the head pulley, and anywhere else down the beltline. Secondary cleaners are especially good at removing fines and can increase cleaning efficiency to more than 90 percent. Flexco secondary cleaners handle a variety of applications, with polyurethane, carbide, and brush options available.

Flexco Secondary Cleaner Installed on Return Side of Belt

Motorized Brush Cleaner

Conveyor On the Right Has a Flexco Motorized Brush Cleaner Installed, Conveyor on the Left Does Not, Both are carrying same type of Material